Links and resources for PTSD

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a registered charity based in Rugby, Warwickshire, specialising in the treatment of PTSD. WELL WORTH CONTACTING WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE UK! Also a great resource for professionals.
BBC Health – PTSD
Offers a brief overview of PTSD, and has links to some interesting sites
National Phobics Society
A very well-informed site, with extensive information on PTSD, and links to resources.
NHS Direct (Health Encyclopedia – PTSD)
A useful resource with solid information on PTSD. It is also worth looking up symptoms (such as anxiety and depression)
Meadows Practice
A private practice offering psychological treatments for PTSD. Based in Lewes in Sussex..
NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence)
This is a direct link to NICE publications concerning PTSD.
This link contains information on diagnosis and useful links to other conditions that have similar symptoms to PTSD.
Sudden Trauma Information Service Helpline
Although primarily aimed at recent trauma, this website contains accurate and valuable information for anyone wanting to know more about PTSD in the UK. There is a helpline available for those in the UK.
UK Trauma Group
The Trauma Clinic provides a private treatment facility for adults who are experiencing emotional difficulties, usually as a result of serious adversity or trauma in their lives.

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